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Impress: The ultimate UX Portfolio template for Keynote and PowerPoint for $99

I want this!

This is the UX Portfolio template that has helped designers secure roles at top-tier companies including Amazon, Google and Facebook.

This is the very latest iteration of Impress, representing five years of research. It’s a collection of slides and slide masters that can be used to create a PDF-based UX Portfolio. I use it for my very own portfolio, and I give you the information to easily understand, re-use and extend it. It’s simply a framework. You can really make it your own.

Why Keynote or PowerPoint to PDF?

Using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint to output to PDF allows you to quickly customise your portfolio in response to a specific job advertisement or client requirements. You just simply hide the slides (typically case studies) you don’t want to include. You can also present your portfolio easily if you need to. Hiring managers can also print PDFs easily for interviews, meaning your portfolio may influence their questioning to your benefit.

What if I don’t have Keynote or PowerPoint?

If you don’t have Keynote or PowerPoint, you can upload the PowerPoint file privately to Google Slides and work with it there. Some minor adjustments to typography will be required, but that’s a good thing — the typography should reflect your own needs.

You can also still benefit from the annotations supplied with the framework. Available in a PDF file, past purchasers have told me that these annotations really helped them create their own portfolios.

If you’re looking to effectively represent your skills and experience to prospective employers and clients, Impress will definitely help.


Have to say, your UX Portfolio toolkit is FANTASTIC! Really helpful to see how you do it – and what’s enough to say.

Always thought you had a great portfolio! This is definitely a great investment for those who need to spruce theirs up!

Having just received the toolkit, I wanted to say that not only does it offer great guidance, but also much inspiration.

I think it’s great. The full page annotations are clear and explain each page in sufficient detail.

Received the UX Portfolio toolkit today, and it’s _exactly_ what I need for my next career move. Simple, rock-solid, well-explained.

I decided to give your annotated Keynote UX portfolio template a whirl. The PDF format was much quicker to compile and keep updated, and presented my work in an engaging yet concise manner – focused on the needs of recruiters and potential employers. It helped open many doors, the result of which being that all three companies I interviewed with offered me a role. Possibly the best $99 I have ever spent!

Impress: The UX Portfolio framework