UX Portfolio reviews

Get an objective UX Portfolio review over ZOOM for $199.

I’ve studied UX Portfolio design for several years, and have learned that many portfolio reviews are minutes long and consist of a casual glance followed by a few knee-jerk remarks. They are often unstructured activities, full of preferential bias.

I spend at least an hour on each review, and I apply a process of critique designed to minimise bias and provide practical insight.

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I believe every single person whose portfolio I have reviewed has gone on to take a better job role. As one client posted to twitter:

Ian helped with (a paid) critique and formatting. Took one revision afterward (to add more visual appeal) before current. Got hired!

As another told me:

Hi Ian, so I went for the interview and they ended up offering me a higher job-ux design manager instead of ux design lead. so your portfolio feedback clearly helped!

Ian Fenn reviewing a UX Portfolio